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2009-08-26 berofix now available !2009-10-30 berofix PCIe are now available !2009-10-30 berofix PCIe cards are now available !
2009-10-30 berofix PCIe now available !API ChangelogAbout
Advanced Dialplan FeaturesApp marketBAF - berofix UserApp Framework
BN16FXSDocuBaf IntroductionBaf README
Baf modulesBeroCloud AlarmsBeroCloud Remote Access
BeroCloud Task SchedulerBeroFix App EcosystemBeroFix Apps Documentation
BeroFix Call Progress TablesBeroFix Filesystem LayoutBeroFix ISDN Cause/SIP Response map
BeroFix and FaxdetectionBeroFix with Mitel 100BeroNet Cloud Onsite - Documentation
BeroNet Gateway Assembly GuideBeroNet Gateway mit MobyDick7BeroNet Gateway with 3CX 2
BeroNet Gateway with LyncBeroNet Gateway with Openscape Business SBeroNet Gateway with S5000 IPBX (M2MSoft)
BeroNet Gateway with Siemens Hipath 4000BeroNet Gateway with SkypeBeroNet Gateway with Snom One
BeroNet Gateway with swyxBeroNet Hypervisor ChangelogBeroNet Telephony Appliance
BeroNet Telephony Appliance-v2BeroNet Telephony Appliance Online SetupBeroNet VoIP Gateway Apps Documentation for Users
BerocapiBerocapi (V5)Berocloud
Berofix Channel densitiesBerofix mit MobyDick7Berofix mit Pascom's MobyDick
Berofix userapp ressourcesBerofix with 3CXBerofix with Lync
Berofix with Mitel 100Berofix with Openscape Business SBerofix with S5000 IPBX (M2MSoft)
Berofix with Siemens Hipath 4000Berofix with SkypeBerofix with Snom One
Berofix with swyxBerofosDocuComment faire un faire un reset usine (hardware factory reset) d'une passerelle beroNet
Comment faire un faire un reset usine matériel d'une passerelle beroNetComment faire un reset usine (hardware factory reset) d'une passerelle beroNetConfig String or "more" options
Create appliance repositoryDeutsche Telefon Standard AG
Deutsche Telekom Magenta (ALLIP)Developer
Developer ToolChain IntroductionDocBf4s0:The bf4S0 4 Port BRI moduleDocs
DocumentationDocumentation V2Downgrading from 3.x to 2.x Firmware
GPLGPL License AgreementGeneral Information on Interconnecting with SIP Providers
GlossarGlossaryHFO Telecom Interconnection
Hello WorldHowto BERT (Bit Error Rate Test)Howto E1 / T1 Crossover Cable
Howto Hardware Bridging with berofixHowto Hardware Factory ResetHowto Loopback Test
Howto Provision beroNet Gateways with XML fileHowto Provisioning berofix via TFTP/HTTPHowto change the Jitterbuffer Settings
Howto configure berofix with TFTPHowto connect a Grandstream ATA (HT502) to a berofix for FaxingHowto enable the SMS Mail Gateway (SMGW)
Howto long-term debug with beroNet's tool "PowerDebug"Howto modify what goes into From/P-Preferred-Identity/Callerid and so onHowto to use X-BF Headers
Howto update the FPGAHowto use AOC with berofixHowto use Berofix with GFI Faxmaker 2013
Howto use Calldeflection/Partial Rerouting with AsteriskHowto use Calldeflection/Partial Rerouting with Asterisk based systemsHowto use PCM Bridging
Howto use SIP Failover (2.X)Howto use SNMP with berofixHowto use beroFix API
HowtosImplementing a Faxserver with berofix and Windows on board toolsImplementing a Faxserver with berofix and hylafax under Linux
Known IssuesLPGL License AgreementLinux Short Installation Guide
Main PageNo Ringing Redirect 3CXOLD-downloads-Do-Not-Use
OpenPBXPeoplefone TRUNK InterconnectionProvisioning via DHCP
ReleasenotesRoadmapSIPGATE TRUNK Interconnection
Sample appsSupportT38 options
TesttesttestThe berofix card overviewTroubleShooting
Type of Number NoteUnderstanding the FulltraceUpdating from 2.x to 3.x Firmware
UserApp API ReferenceUserappsUsing beroNet FXS Analog ports as extensions in an ipbx
Using beroNet Gateway with "Gemeinschaft"Using beroNet Gateway with "freepbx / trixbox / elastix / AsteriskNow"Using beroNet Gateway with asterisk
Using berofix with "Gemeinschaft"Using berofix with "Trixbox / Freepbx"Using berofix with "freepbx / trixbox / elastix / AsteriskNow"
Using berofix with asteriskUsing rsyslogd for debuggingVM and ISO storage space is limited to only 23G
VoIP PBX Wizard
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